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Anchord is not a typo or misspelling but is made-up combining two words: Anchor and Accord.

Divorce and

Getting your financial action plan in place & creating a moving forward budget.
Creating a Personalized Financial Plan

If you don't take action now, plan on living this same lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Empower Your Kids with Money Management Skills

This is the most important life skill that you can teach your kids.
Secure / Safe / Anchor + Accord = Security and Peace

An anchor is a heavy object used to secure a vessel at sea. Water is unstable, like finances, and the anchor provides security. Accord is to bring into agreement and to be consistent or in harmony. Let’s compare two money related lifestyles … chaos and calm.

Money often creates chaos and impacts every facet of our life. A constant struggle with finances causes instability that results in uncertainty and upheaval. It prohibits us from having calmness or consistency in our life with the continual concern of paying our monthly bills and making ends meet.

Money dictates the lifestyle that we live and many of our daily decisions. The effects of financial hardships can be felt not only by an individual, but can also impact marriages, families, and communities. You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t need some or a lot of help with their finances.

Now turn that chaotic scenario around and picture calmness. The security of knowing that your monthly bills and unexpected expenses are covered, even with some money left over to secure your financial future. You now have some peace. I’m not saying that money buys happiness. but it can certainly make life easier to navigate.

Anchord Money was created to empower individuals and families with the knowledge and skills needed to foster their overall financial health. This is done by creating personalized plans based on an individual’s conscious and unconscious money management behaviors. The curriculum is not a rigid, one size fits all approach but rather meeting you where you are and encouraging mindful, intentional decisions that fits your particular goals, habits, values, and lifestyle. This program is anchored in a proven track record

Strategies to reduce spending

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I can help people JUST LIKE YOU!

I earned a doctorate from the University of Illinois and have taught financial literacy since 1994 in a variety of situations and through different platforms, such as face-to-face and online university courses, webinars, workshops, and conference presentations. During that time, I’ve helped thousands of people of all ages and life stages to set goals and create simple financial plans that are sustainable to their lifestyle and spending behaviors.

I’ve personally experienced and seen the financial struggles

Having access to a wide variety of audiences allowed me to see all types of financial situations. With some students, I could tell those who had a solid financial foundation instilled in them, while others were collecting my resources to take home and share with their parents. Their experiences with financial education did not exist and they witnessed years of poor financial behaviors.

This is when I thought that there has got to be a better way to reach people. The lack of financial literacy is costly. A small investment in education is the key to understanding how to manage your finances in the future.

I’ve also seen the intimidation that understanding finances has caused. The first day of class each semester, a hand goes up, and the same question is asked by a student: “Do I need to be good at math to do well in this course?” My response: “Absolutely not.” The bottom line is, financial planning is intimidating, and it doesn’t have to be. I knew that I could help others get on track with a basic financial plan instead of living a life of stress and financial chaos.


Three self-paced online courses have been carefully designed to walk you through, step by step, to create SMARTER financial goals, develop a mindful spending attitude, and assess your current financial situation.

Free Companion Guides are available with each course so you won't just learn it but you'll do it.

These courses have been built to help you remove the roadblocks keeping you from financial freedom. I am unlocking 30 years of experience in teaching financial literacy and sharing my strategies with you.

Imagine your life moving from financial chaos to calm …
having peace, the heavy burden and weight being lifted from
your shoulders