Mindful & Intentional

Money Management

Mindful and Intentional Money Management: An Unbeatable System to Calm the Chaos is not a cookie cutter one size fits all approach that tells you how and where to spend your money. It dives deeper to get to the foundation of why you do what you do with your money. It takes you to the root of your money management behavior that has been formed by your money scripts (long held beliefs and perspectives on money that you have learned throughout your life), personality, habits, attitude, and values.

We often manage our money mindlessly because that’s what we learned, have always done, and never even considered it’s a bad habit that we should stop or change. Mindful and Intentional Money Management walks you through the steps to find and eliminate poor money management behaviors and replace them with new habits that are sustainable and aligned with your value system and goals. You will be challenged to think big and dream about your financial future, evaluate your current financial situation, and fill in the gaps between the two.

Linda provides practical tools for you to execute a personal process for financial success. This will be a life changing journey where you will build a financial plan that you can stick with and use in the real world.

She invites you to continue your journey by visiting her website (anchord.money) and using her additional resources.  A Companion Guide is available on the website to complete the activities from the book.

Available in Bookstores March 26, 2024!

Or, you can pre-order your copy of Mindful and Intentional Money Management from Amazon. But, why would you do that if you can get the book NOW?

Imagine your life moving from financial chaos to calm …
having peace and the heavy burden and weight being lifted from
your shoulders