These courses are designed to help you not only learn but apply what you learn to reach your full potential in your financial management

Divorce and

Getting your financial action plan in place & creating a moving forward budget.
Creating a Personalized Financial Plan

If you don't take action now, plan on living this same lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Empower Your Kids with Money Management Skills

This is the most important life skill that you can teach your kids.

Create Your Personalized Financial Plan Bundle

Three self-paced online courses have been carefully designed to walk you through, step by step, to create SMARTER financial goals, develop a mindful spending attitude, and assess your current financial situation.

Free Companion Guides are available with each course so you won’t just learn it but you’ll do it.

These courses have been built to help you remove the roadblocks keeping you from financial freedom. I am unlocking 30 years of experience in teaching financial literacy and sharing my strategies with you.