Dr. Loretta P. Prater

Dean (Retired), Southeast Missouri State University

I propose that, for the vast majority of people, financial management is a challenge. Overall, most people did not receive any formal education in developing money management plans, set intentional goals, or even feel comfortable engaging in those discussions. As a career educator, I often say, “We don’t know what we have not been taught.” Mistakes in financial decisions can negatively impact one for a lifetime. Many marriages have dissolved because of money mismanagement. Regardless of the amount of money one has, effective money management is beneficial for well-being in every aspect of life. There are prior wealthy people, who could have retained or enhanced that wealth, if only better fiscal decisions had been made. Regardless of a person’s status of employment or net worth, topics addressed in this book are useful over one’s life-span. Dr. Linda Simpson has provided us with a self-help book of collective, proactive and personalized strategies to avoid the pitfalls of financial mismanagement. As a prior administrative supervisor of Dr. Simpson in higher education, I have personal knowledge of her decades of teaching consumer education and financial literacy. She is an expert in the field and uses innovative methods that are practical and inclusive of relevant information. Even after I moved to another university and was no longer Dr. Simpson’s supervisor, I recruited her to teach an online consumer economics class, and provide workshops for my faculty to develop an online financial literacy class. Dr. Simpson identifies strategies to engage the reader toward successful behavioral change, with the objective of moving from money mismanagement to effective money management. If there was ever a time we needed this book, it is now.

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Marissa Iles

Former Student and Owner and President at Magnificent M.Iles Events, LLC

It was an honor to learn from Dr. Simpson. Her financial lessons and guidance in college and afterwards launched me into the position I am in today. I owe a majority of my educational and financial success to her and would encourage others to learn from her as well. The next time I’m asked for financial advice, read Mindful and Intentional Money Management will be the words out of my mouth. It’s a win-win!
Dr. Austin Cheney

Dean, College of Business, Eastern Illinois University

As a professional colleague for nearly a decade, Linda has demonstrated a unique way of approaching personal financial management from a human perspective. She’s been teaching the subject at the university level for quite some time, and is a champion for the subject, creating a financial education center to provide support and expert advice for students. It’s wonderful to see that she’s formally publishing her unique approach to helping others take control of their finances!
Jackie Garren

Former Student and Commercial Banker

Financial literacy can be intimidating and overwhelming, but Dr. Linda Simpson has a unique talent for breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand terms. Her passion for teaching along with her mentorship inspired me to think beyond the textbook and pursue a life-long career as a finance professional. Dr. Simpson’s newest project, Mindful and Intentional Money Management is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to take control of their finances and build a solid foundation for their financial future.
McLain Schaefer

Director of LIFT (Leaders Innovating for Tomorrow)

As a K-12 Teacher and Administrator I recognize the importance of financial literacy for all. Mindful and Intentional Money Management by Dr. Linda Simpson is a must read for any individual seeking to gain control over their finances. Linda’s expertise on financial literacy makes this book not only easy to understand but easy to apply to your life and the lives of those around you. Overall, if you are seeking new and practical solutions to move from “chaos to calm” in your financial world, this book provides a solid foundation and action steps to make it happen.


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